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Platinum Paws

Mobile Pet Salon

(661) 371-5976

Mobile Pet Grooming Spa Serving Bakersfield, CA

Dogs and Cats 30 lbs and under. Prices Starting at $70

Grooming Policies


  • Starts at $70+ (Text or Call to get a specific quote).
  • Price is determined by breed, special needs, frequency of grooming and type of style required.
  • $5 additional to brush teeth, all other services are included with groom.
  • I accept all major credit cards, check or cash.
  • I can invoice you electronically if you are not home.

Grooming Includes

  • Bath with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Premium organic products appropriate for each specific dog’s coat and skin.
  • Anal glands expressed.
  • Ears cleaned and ear-hairs plucked if needed.
  • Hair style to your specifications where possible.
  • Dry fur with air dryer and towel wrap.
  • Brush out minor tangles.
  • Bandanna, Bows or bowtie.

****PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT DEMAT DOGS!*** Customer is responsible for properly brushing dogs in between grooms. If a dog is matted or severely tangled, shaving or cutting the fur short is the only course of action. Dematting is painful and is not in the best interest of the dog. If you want your dog’s hair long, you must properly brush the coat every day. I will gladly explain how to properly brush your dog’s coat.

Area Of Service

  • Bakersfield CA
  • Customer must live in service area to receive grooming service.

Platinum Paws cannot offer mobile grooming services outside of this city.

Dogs & cats Serviced

  • 30 pounds in weight and under
  • Must be current on vaccinations or Titer Test, these will be verified with veterinarian.
  • No aggressive or biting Pets.

Service Scheduling 

  • Customers are required to maintain a 1-12 weeks maintenance grooming schedule.
  • I am a maintenance groomer and do not do occasional grooms.
  • Scheduling appointments ahead of time is a must as my schedule fills up a month out.
  • Cancellation and rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance to avoid a $35 cancellation fee.
  • Around the holidays is the busiest time of the year, missed appointments are unlikely to be rescheduled during this time.
  • You don’t have to be home to get your dog groomed after initial visit, many customers give me an entry code or leave a key to enter. (ask about “latchkey service”)


  • Yes Cats are welcomed.
  • Haircuts or Just a bath
  • All Cats must be pretty good for grooming 


  • Puppy groom prices are the same as adult dogs.
  • It is very important for dogs to become familiar with the grooming process early, as this will make it easier when they get older.
  • Puppy grooms are a work in progress as puppies are wiggly and unfamiliar with the process. This improves as the puppy becomes familiar with the process.
  • I train puppies how to be groomed through positive reinforcement.
  • I love puppies!

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